Dimmsdale Grand Prix Fantasy Edition (Tribute To Ayrton Senna (1960-1994))Edit

This is the sequel to "San Marino Grand Prix Fantasy Edition (Tribute to Ayrton Senna 1960-1994))". This wiki-special features various TV, movie characters, and real-life celebrities.
Timmy vs Stromboli

The last race of the season arrived in Dimmsdale. Timmy has to WIN the Dimmsdale Grand Prix in order to win the F1 Championship. If Timmy DIDN'T win the Dimmsdale GP, Stromboli would be F1 Champion. Timmy was Dimmsdale's favorite and most beloved driver and NEEDED to cheer him on for the F1 title. Dimmsdale was in DESPERATE need of a major sports title and Timmy could be the one to give the city it's first major title. Timmy was on Pole Position (starting in 1st place) and Stromboli started in 11th. Timmy dominated until lap 13 out of 83 laps when Stromboli got by him coming into the 1st turn. Stromboli dominated until lap 48 when he was penalized 1 lap for wrecking Bubbles in the last corners of the track where the rumblestrips are. Timmy grabbed the lead and held it until the caution came out late in the race, setting up a 10-lap fight to the finish. Stromboli got his lap back and is on the lead lap. Just as Stromboli went at race speed to get back on the lead lap, Timmy ran out of fuel coming into his pit stall. After getting fuel and tires, Timmy struggled to re-start his car. Timmy knew he had to hurry before Stromboli comes and possibly takes the lead from him on the caution flag. Timmy re-fired his engine just in time and beat Stromboli to the safety car (the F1 pace car). Stromboli was BOILING mad and tried to really pressure Timmy on the track as the green flag came out. Stromboli grabbed the lead on the final restart, and was running away from the field. Timmy sadly thought it was over on the last lap, but suddenly Stromboli ran outta gas this time (Karma got Stromboli back after what he did to Timmy in the 1st Dimmsdale race prior to the San Marino GP). Timmy gasped in surprise and panted wildly trying to get by a dry Stromboli. Timmy got by Stromboli, won the Dimmsdale GP, and the F1 Championship. Timmy was hysterically screaming excitedly in the car and his teammates and good characters crowded him at the start/finish line and Bubbles kindly put the huge F1 wreath around his neck.


  • Chet Ubetcha will guest star in this wiki-special as the P.A commentator for the Dimmsdale Circuit.

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